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Focused care.... focused on you. Dr. Walker provides a full slate of therapeutic services to help you get From manual adjustments (traditional - using his hands) to activator adjustments (a gentle, light-force, hand-held instrument); massage roller table, dry hydro-massage water table, and heat/ice therapy; to stretching and exercise recommendtions; and even nutritional therapy... Dr. Walker has what you need to get well...your way.
Your Adjustment


Dr. Walker believes in adjusting the whole spine... not just your area of concern. He believes that any misalignment anywhere along the spine can negatively effect other areas of the spine... without you even knowing it. And he doesn't stop at the spine either. Dr. Walker deals with shoulders, knees, elbows, ankles, wrists and even your jaw as with TMJ issues. Basically... he can adjust any movable joint in your body. With this approach, he ensures that his patients will recieve the best chance for optimal health and healing to occur.

Dr. Walker uses a traditional approach, manually adjusting with his hands. He also uses a hand-held, light-force instrument, called an activator, that allows for an even more gentle treatment perfect for infants, young children, and fragile senior citizens. Both are just as effective at treating his patients.

Your Therapy


Dr. Walker believes that comprehensive care is paramount to effective treatment and good results. That's why he offers several therapies within his office.


From relaxing roller massage and dry hydro-massage water tables, to deep heat treatments, and exercise and stretching demonstrations and recommendations, Dr. Walker does all that he can to optimize your experience as well as speed your recovery.


Dr. Walker is affiliated with several highly professional massage therapists convenient to his offices. If he feels that massage is the right therapy for you, he will be happy to give you a recommendation for treatment.

Your Wellbeing


Dr. Walker believes that good health is multi-dimensional. That's why he offers nutritional services to his patients through his on-site Nutritional Therapist at One-Eighty Wellness. Here you can expand your vision and take your health to the next level by optimizing your nutrition and working on the foundational elements of your diet.

His Nutritional Therapist begins by helping patients recognize symptoms and how they are related to what they eat and the lifestyle choices they are making. She then creates a comprehensive, personalized plan to help you on your way to optimal health... naturally.


“Dr. Walker takes time with me and I never feel rushed. The therapy he gives me along with the adjustment really makes me feel well taken care of and I get results fast. When I bring my kids in they love their adjustments and they're healthier, too.”

Teresa, Oakdale, MN

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