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Traditional care.      Reasonable prices.      Optimal health for you and your family.

About Dr. Walker


Dr. Todd Walker has been a practicing chiropractor since 1986. His no-nonsense, gentle aproach to care is perfect for anyone... from infants to fragile senior citizens and everyone in between...

Dr. Walker's Philosophy


We won't cure you... that's right! That's your body's job. We simply turn on the power. We make certain that all of your nerve channels are firing at 100% capacity. We empower your body to heal itself in the most optimal and natural way possible...

Dr. Walker's Services


Focused care... focused on you.


Dr. Walker provides a full slate of therapeutic services to help you get better... fast...


Our goal is to provide effective care and solutions for your contnued good health, Young or old, big or small... chiropractic simply makes good sense.

Dr. Walker provides care tailored specifically to the needs of your body  to ensure you achieve your wellness goals.


Check out our services...


“Dr. Walker is kind and his approach is gentle. He gave me a care plan that made sense and kept me away from surgery. I feel better than ever now!”

Janice - Oakdale, MN

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